Fan Club News

July 2018

" Not much to report this month as going everyday to my cancer treatment is occupying a lot
of my time and will continue for the next couple of months, although I am spending more time in my studio working on my new album which I am " surprisingly" excited by.

But, in the mean time thought I'd tell you a hospital joke instead.

A woman goes to the emergency dept. at her local hospital and see's a new, rather young doctor with her ailment, who tells her she is pregnant.
She then races down the corridor screaming her head off.
Another doctor comes to her assistance, sits her down and calms her somewhat.
He then goes to the first doctor and says," What the hell do you think you are doing?
This woman is 72 years old, mother of five, grandmother of eight, and you tell her she is pregnant". The young doctor replies, " Yes but does she still have the hiccups?"

All the best folks,