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Larry McDonald

West Jordan, UT

I was introduced to

Steve McDonald's "

Sons of Somerled"

while sitting in my dentist's chair about 13 years ago.  As soon as he got his tools out of my mouth I told my dentist I was a Son of Somerled and wanted that CD.  Later that year I saw Steve live in concert and told him we would love to have him perform at the Clan Donald Annual General Meeting in Salt Lake City.  We practically filled Kingsbury Hall with his fans in 2000!  When Steve told me the Steve McDonald Fan Club was arranging another concert tour of the USA I knew we had to have him stop in Utah.  I also realized this could be a great opportunity to have a benefit concert with the proceeds going toward the building of a new Clan Donald, USA genealogical library at Ft. Connah, MT.  The benefit concert will be at the Sandy Amphitheater in Sandy, Utah on July 8th, 2011.  Tickets will be available through Smithtix after May 1st.  Steve will also be appearing at the Payson Scottish Festival July 9th.  He will sing a few numbers at the Payson Scottish Festival and signing CD's, but that won't be a full concert. It will be more of a bonus for his fans who attend both. Those who see him only at the Payson Scottish Festival will wish they had been to the full concert.



I upon Steve's music

during a highland festival in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. His music hits your soul and heart. came I love it and hope he keeps producing.

Annie Slonski  

After such a long time

of searching for


Steve McDonald, I

happily stumbled upon this fan club site!  I absolutely ADORE his music, in fact, my favorite and most precious CD that I own (and am surprised it hasn't yet worn out, seriously!) is "Sons of Somerled."  Please, sign me up for his fan club!  He is a musical genius and I could listen to his CD's each and every day, oh, wait, I practically do now!I accidentally stumbled upon this CD many years ago on a trip out to Las Vegas in a store in the shops at Ceasar's Palace.  The moment I heard samplings from it in the store, I knew I had to have it!  The two other CD's I have of his are his follow-ups, "Stone of Destiny," and "Highland Farewell."  I am getting ready to place an order for "Legend" quite soon! Seriously, I would love to find out if he does any appearances and where he might be coming to a venue not too terribly far away from me.  Out of many of the brilliant artists out there, he is the one I would most like to see and hear.  As a person who loves anything and everything Scottish, how could I not love his work. Thank you and thank you, Mr. McDonald for your wonderful music!

Glen McSparran                   

Troy, OH
First I want to say thank

you to everyone the

music has been awesome

since the first time I heard it.  When I first saw the Son's of Somerled CD case I couldn't believe and had to have it.  I have spent several years pursuing my own genealogy and have discovered the links between my family and Somerled.  The music brings that history close with the stories that every song tells.  Again, thank you so much.

Lisa Friedly

Frankfort KY.

I bought Sons of Somerled

when it was first released.

I fell in love with it. My

daughters & I played it over & over till it was worn out. I bought another copy & again it was worn out. I was unable to find it again. I own a copy of all your other celtic works. I am thrilled to see I can now obtain a copy of Sons of Somerled here on your site. I just love your music. I have family from Scotland. We are McBean's.

Barry Urry                                 

Salt Lake City, Utah              
I love the music of my ancestors.  Steve's music fits the bill perfectly.  I visited Scotland many years ago.  My ancestors descend from clan McDonald--McAllister.  I also have Stewart blood!  I am authorized to wear the McAllister and Stewart tartans.  Long live Scotland the Brave.

Raevun Shadowstorm

Vancouver, Washington

I discovered Steve's music quite a few years ago when I bought "Sons of Somerled" and have loved his music from then on. I lost the CD and I am glad to see it is available again.

Kyan Woodpower                        Sydney, Australia

Keep up the good work Steve!

Lachlan Lander

Pleasant Point, New Zealand

I come from a small village in the Highlands of Scotland called Ballachulish, about 2 miles from Glencoe. I first heard of Steve when I heard "Sons of Somerled " being played in a shop in Fort William , and have been hooked ever since. ^ years later , who would have believed that I would move to his Country.

Silas                                          Wyoming, USA


Jen Berry                                    Ginberry US

I came to know your music thru your daughter, I'm a huge fan.  Thank you!

John Totzke                            Bridgeview, IL.

I recently received an answer from Anne Outterson about videos of Scotland.She told me to view your fan club site.Having done so,I just wanted to tell that I enjoy your music very much, as much as I did the video pictures.Please tell me if your music and the video by Anne are available in the U.S.

Rick Tankersley

Mount Vernon, WA

I love your music. I'm glad I found this site!

Stacey Spitler

I am a big fan of Steve McDonald’s after stumbling up on Highland Farewell  though it's missing the cover I thought , I am not going to like this it's going to one of those over done , polished same song cds that I have listened to once ,I put in and I was blown away , speechless. since I am scottish and been tracing my roots back ,a highland scot. Once I discovered my heritage I suddenly felt I finally belonged somewhere, ... My life's goal is to go to Scotland , thank you.. for giving such a great gift of your music,


United States

I really love your Celtic music its the best i've ever heard i have Sons of Somerled, Highland Farewell, Stone of Destiny. Keep up the good work

Gwen Wood                                   Texas

I LOVE your music! Especially Fallen Flowers... cry every time i listen to it... even after all these years! and I love to blast any song with bagpipes while driving around town and have people look at me like "what?!?!".. thank you for your beautiful music!!

Bob & LaDene Carson           

North Bend WA

We are both fairly new fans of your music and I have to say this music really sets you apart form the rest of music industry.  We especially like Fallen Flowers. It invokes such emotions and is our favorite! Can't get enough. How ever many times we listen to that song, we still feel it deep inside! Thank you for your songs.

Mike Bugby                           

Salt Lake City, UT

Really enjoy the energy of Steve's music, its deep power and harmonies are great!  Arrangements of old songs just seem to be perfect, thanks to Steve for his work!

Craig Zuehlke (Henderson)     

Ypsilanti, MI

Love the gifted and powerful

music. It purifies the call back to the highland for me.

Karin                                               Germany

I love Scotland, my Scottish friends ... and your music!

Kathleen Hanley                         Waltham, MA

Happy Birthday Steve, we share a birthday September 9, :)

Maureen Anderson/Boyle    

Charlestown NSW Australia

Have loved Steve's music since finding his Sons of Somerled album at the Clan Donald Centre, Isle of Skye about 10 years ago! Wonderfully talented man!

William Hunt

Myrtle Creek, OR

Steve's music is for the soul.

Love it! A fan since '96.

Brian Martin                        

Atlanta GA

I have been a fan for years.

Born in Glasgow, moved to the USA, never lost touch with home.

Your music brings tears to my eyes.

Well done Steve.


Grand Rapids, MI

When the Sons of Somerled CD first came out, my dad picked it up randomly and brought it home. I was mildly interested in Celtic music, but never really pursued it. He let me borrow the CD. The first time I heard it, I was hooked. The music, the lyrics, the voice... it brought me to this amazing place inside myself that I didn't know existed. A passion swelled up inside my heart that I never knew for a place I'd never been to. Since then, I've developed a great passion and love for Scotland the history thereof. I would sit there and listen to the CDs (especially Sons of Somerled and Highland Farewell) and let the music wash over me. The music has changed my life and I will never be the same. Steve McDonald is my all-time favorite, honestly. So, thank you so very very much, Mr. McDonald, for bringing out that passion in me, for writing the most amazing music my heart has ever heard before, and for touching so many other lives. You have no idea how much you've influenced me and for that I will always be grateful.


Rock Springs, WY

I was introduced to his

music 5 years ago, and it was Instantaneous how his music appealed to me! Steve’s music is so inspiring, plus when the world gets too much to bear, his music transports me!! Is Thank you a big enough word?

Jan Holubowicz

Redondo Beach CA

I love your music.  I've been listening to it since Sons of Somerled came out.  I must have missed Legend.  Going to order it.  Keep making music.

Tony Keen                                     


Fab site!!

East to navigate and pretty much all my questions on Steve have been answered - except 1 - the next Scots album!!

Carol (Walker) Kopke

Napoleon, OH

Unbelievable Talent!  

The "Trans

Siberian Orchestra" of Scottish Music.  Don't ever stop playing.

María Mercedes                  

Chile (South America)

Hola a todos... ví en youtube el video de "Scotland the brave" y me fascinó, espero poder conseguir de alguna forma música de Steve... Muy linda en verdad.. (beautiful, beautiful..)

Karin Cauley                             Lancaster, CA.

I had a code to download music and I downloaded this, and I really, really

surprised myself, because it is the same CD I bought in Florida (Sons of

Somerled). My brother and I went to a

gem/jewelry/music store to "escape" when we were in Florida with my Mom

before and when she died. We became friends with the owner, Alan, who

played this in his store. I bought this CD and played it over and over in my

rental just took me away... sometimes I played it really loud and would just drive and drive. Steve

McDonald's music came to me when I was very sad, and it filled an empty place in my heart. It really touched me like I can't explain, and the connection will be with me for life. I don't know why or how, but it is remarkable to find him again through you. Glad I joined the club...I'll  have to get another CD.

Shirley Owen-Williams

Tunbridge Wells, England

A very lovely site. love steve's songs shall find his cd's when i get home.


Hi! Thanks for a good job. Nice site...

Ken Mason

Wellington, New Zealand

So enjoyed the Spinfield album.  Don't have it anymore...sorry I let it go....miss it...and will buy again !  QUESTION FOR STEVE:  Will he ever contemplate doing a concept album which would explore Irish Celtic themes

Cassandra Bertrand

Salt Lake City, UT

My thanks to Steve for all the hard work he's done in making music about our rich and wonderful heritage. I pray that he continues in good health for many more years to come! Loves from my family to all!

David Wade

Spencer, IN

I have been a fan of Mr McDonald's music since 2001, while my wife and I were on our honeymoon in Gatlinburg Tn I went into a Celtic shop and heard Highland Farewell playing. In listening one can feel the call of the Highlands. I'm looking forward to the next cd and hope to get to see Mr McDonald perform live one day soon. Thanks Mr McDonald for all the great music and history of the Highlands you share with us.

Willie McKnight

West Valley City, UT

I love the music.  It brings back memories of when my great grandfather would play the bagpipes and sing some of the old scottish songs.

Dwayla Harcrow

Rainsville AI

Love his voice and the

legends of his music

Melinda Rose McDonald         

Colony, TX

I have been a fan of

Steve McDonald for some time now, and do my best to always talk up your music and try to get folks to promote you to come to Dallas. You have helped to inspire me in a Celtic business project I am trying to find help to create. Please take a look, I know you will enjoy it!

Susan DeLaurier                 

Oceanside, CA

I have loved Steve's music since I first discovered him in 1998, while in college. I can't wait to see him in the USA in 2007. I would like to be a part of his fan club. I just talked to Dorie at Etherean music and she told me about this site.

Karen Jenkins                       

New Zealand

Steve, your music is the best. 

It takes me home every time I listen to it!  I can't wait to the next album!!


Methuen, MA

Thank you, Steve, for

sharing your music with us. Having gone to Scotland and hearing your music brings back some wonderful memories. Thank you and please continue to tell us more takes.

Jeff Schuster

If you’re not touring

here in the United States,

are you touring anywhere else in the world or how can we see you live?  thank you



I have loved Steve's

music since Sons of Somerled.  My grandfather is from Scotland and so I've been drawn to the history and music of that country.  Steve McDonald’s music is part of our family celebrations.   I'm thankful that he shares his musical talents with the world.  I'm waiting to see him perform live so I'll check back for tour dates next year.  I hope his tour will include dates in either Denver or Salt Lake City as they are within driving distance of my home.   Thank you for having this web site.

Richard Darl Smith            

Pullman, WA

6 years ago while I was back home in the Highlands of West Virginia, I order my kilts and other Scottish things form the Scottish Lion in NH; Told the owner of Steve's first two CDs and send a recording and they carried all of his CD's until the day they were brought out about 2 years ago: Also I met Steve 9 years ago in Salt Lake City and ask him to come to West Virginia where 80% of the people came form Scotland.  Most of our grandfather’s and great-grandfather’s were kicked out during the Clearance: West Virginia looks so much like Scotland that they stayed there!  We could not call ourselves Highlander no more so we chose Mountaineer: and the State Motto: Montani Semper Liberi: (Mountaineers are always Free) Also, got to play Steve's CD over the PA system at the Daytona 500 NASCAR race the two years that my clan went: Tony Stewart (the 20 car) is a descendant of the House of Stewart; Jeff Gordon (the 24 car) come from the Gordon Highlanders: and King Richard (Petty) either liked Steve's music or the 25 year old Scotch:  My family knows how to promote good things; My brother is a racing promoter for NASCAR:

Kate Forster

New Zealand

Kool site, Steve !!!

Jan Lyons-Barnett

Aurora CO

I have been a huge

promotor of Mr. McDonald

since the day I was first introduced to his music at a store I was working at.  I have had the opportunity to hear him and meet with him twice here in the states during his tours here years ago.  He is as amazing as his music!  I look forward to the next time he comes around, I can't wait to bring more friends along with me.  Expose them to this artist who can touch hearts and souls through his music.

"All You Can Know" was a driving force behind my trip to Scotland in 2000 to explore my roots and history.

Austin Shane Snyder

Lake Forest, CA

I like Steve McDonald

songs like Fly, By Law, All That I Know, and Hadrian’s Wall


I was hoping to find

the lyrics to Fly.

I discovered it on a music sampler and I love it!

Kat Derksen                                    

BC, Canada

I "discovered" Steve in Lochinver, Scotland in 1997. I purchased "Sons of Somerled" as an act of sheer faith never having heard the CD or of Steve before. It is one of the best CD purchase decisions I have ever made. As a second generation Canadian of a Highland Scot I agree with Steve whole heartedly - Scotland is and always will be in my heart and soul. Thank-you Steve for putting to music that heart and soul!

Jo Kinchington

Clearfield UT.

I first heard this music while in Colorado about 9 years ago.  Since then I have been able to see Steve perform in Salt Lake, and would love to see him perform again but cannot see a tour schedule on the website.  Is there a tour planned and if so, where can I access the schedule.  Love the music and looking forward to more.

Judi Stanforth


I love your music and I am looking forward to any new music you offer.  Thank you. 

Matt Tanner

West Jordan, UT

Steve is da Man!!

Jennifer Henzie

Berklee College of Music

My first Steve McDonald

CD was Stone Of Destiny, in which many of the songs had me in tears. I instantly had one of my friends listen to the album, and he loved it, going out and buying the rest of it. When others are over, i usually play one of his albums, i now have all of them and they really like what they hear, and some of them have even bought one.

Jorene Miller

Lewiston, ID

Thank you for starting up a fan club. Yours is the first one I've joined. I really like the puzzles. Among other things.

Wikit Whitewolf

Medina NY

I fell in love with Steve's

music the first time I heard it 8 years ago.

Glen McSparran

Dayton, OH

I love your music, my

last name is also descended from Somerled so you can see how your first CD captured my interest.  All of your music feels very personal to me and reminds me of my heritage.


Alma  Chavez

Lancaster, Ca

I had a great time

looking at your website.

Also that you did a great job on it.


Edward Boyd

Bellows Falls VT

The best Scottish music



Debbie Kimmick                    


I love his voice. It is rich

and sexy.


Debbie Martin

Kapiti Coast

Great site. Now we can see what you’re up to one day Craig will be with me when we bump into you.


Kebbie Wheeler

Blackfoot, ID

I too have discovered

Steve's music inspirational and

touching like nothing else I have ever

experienced.  Thank you, Jackie, for starting the fan club.  Like you, I have searched for more information about Steve McDonald


Jennifer Campbell

Salt Lake City, UT

Love your music!! When

people say that it speaks to their souls...they are right.  You get such a calming and proud feeling inside when you listen to it!  My husband and I had the chance to see you several years ago in Salt Lake City, Utah and we are hoping we will be able to see you again!!  Your show was amazing!  I, too, am happy to see this website so that we can keep up on your music and tours.  Information has been awfully hard to come by in the past.  Thanks. 


Donna MacIntosh                         Copper Harbor, MI

I first heard Steve's music

in a tourist shop in Copper Harbor MI. (as far north as you can go here!) I

felt it touch my soul. What

a sound! I bought Highland

Farewell on the spot. And that Christmas disk! WOW!!! Amazing. You've been blessed with an incredible voice. Thank you for sharing with us!


Andrea Arhelger

Quartz Hill, CA

Thank you for doing this web site


Robert Bogart Jr.

Kingsport, TN

My wife and I have

all his albums we love

his music and listen to it all the time. I think it is someof the best music out today.


Tasha  Halpert                             Grafton, MA

My husband and I are big fans, and listen to Steve's music often. Right now we have been enjoying the Christmas album. I hope his tour will include somewhere we can catch him here on the East Coast. Looking

forward to the new

album too. Thanks for

setting up the fan club


Heather (MacDonald) Higgins       Auckland, NZ

Great site & puzzles. 

Looking forward to

new CD, keep up the

good work.  Happy New Year to Steve & all Fan Club Members, from down under in NZ.  Heather, a very proud MacDonald


Nancy Tompkins                              Prescott, AZ

Steve McDonald is my

favorite artist ever.  His voice, the music, the words to the songs speak to my soul.  He has made me fall in love with Scotland (my roots.  It is because of his music that I ever went to Scotland in the first place. Now Scotland is where

I always long to be. 

Thank you Steve! 

I can't wait to hear your

next CD.


Bryan & Claudia Thomas

Essex Junction, VT

Loved your music all

the way back to the

Spinfield days!

Looking forward to your

next tour and album :)


Gerry Cross                              

Glencoe Ontario Canada

I came by being a Steve McDonald fan thru one song I had heard, that being his rendition of Flower of Scotland. His use of instruments thru this song caught my attention and 4 albums later i am on pins and needles waiting for the 5th. Looking forward to any North American tours that might include London,Ontario, Canada we have a great arena in the JLC. Also a very big Celtic community.

Susan Hill


Thank you for creating this site. In the past, it has been very difficult to get updates on

Steve's music,

tours, etc. This site is

GREAT! Thanks again.

Kaye Dent

Las Vegas, NV

I have been a fan since

  1. 1998.So I am very

happy that I can now keep

up with Steve through this site. Great job!


Puerto Rico

Through Steve McDonald's music I have learned more about Scotland and its beautiful history. Thank you.

Keith Lucas                               

United States

Got to see Steve in Alexandria Virginia a few years ago, was a fantastic show. Hope he tours in the

states again soon,

close to Pennsylvania,

would like to catch another show. Waiting for a new cd release.

Russell Storey

Auckland, NZ

Hi Steve glad you have a fan

site after all these years

let me know next time you are in Auckland would love to catch up warm regards your friends Russell and Liz.


Saginaw MI

I have all the cds....I love your music. It gives me such peace to

listen to. Went to

Scotland two years

ago...fell in love with the

country. I am excited to hear another cd is in the works.

Irene Martinez                            Palmdale

I think your music is so peaceful I really enjoy it. I would love to hear more of your music and learn

more about you

thanks to Jackie I

discover about you

great music.

Brodie                                         Palmdale

I love Steve McDonald


Maryland, US


webmaster, on a great

site! Please, someone

tell Steve he has a LOT

of fans in the US and we really want to see him in person! Oh yeah, a stop in the Washington DC area would be the BEST! :)

Patrick McLeod


Outstanding site for

an outstanding musician!

Thanks Steve for your great music!!

Richard C Smith                   

Provo, UT

I am a fan of Steve's

music as any Highlander

would be

Gabriel Planellas                     Lancaster, CA

I like the site it was

done great I also will

be listening to the Christmas

cd it is the perfect thing to bring on the Christmas cheer.


Palmdale, CA

You Rock, Stevie!

Corryne Shapiro                      Lancaster, CA

I really loved the

Christmas cd...thank

you what a wonderful voice

Sarah Wegner                          

Prather, CA

Keep up the good work!

Danielle Emery                  

Beaumont, CA

The web site looks

great! We had so much

fun with the puzzles!

Milton Kleim

Mendocino County, CA

I am VERY pleased to have

found this site. 

Look forward to many

updates and improvements!  Let us know where we can buy that video on DVD or VHS.

Eyvette Birrer

Quartz Hill, CA

Wow this is a great website


Acton CA

Way to go.  Love the

web sight.  Keep the puzzles coming

Heather Christy                     

Palmdale, CA

Keep doin’ whacha doin’

Laura Platt                            

Vancouver WA

About time someone

did this for Steve, well done

Kelly Roser                             Lancaster, CA

Whoa!....totally righteous!

Chris Williams

Kansas City, MO

I’ve loved the music

for almost a decade now and have all but the Christmas CD which I must get.  Make some more.

Peggy Hazel

The High Desert, CA

I work at a visitor center

and a customer came in and we bagan to talk about Steve Mcdoanlds’ cd.  I have one right now at work an they are great.