My husband Fred and I have been married for 14 years.

These are our babies


They are Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix.

As you can see they really do love each other.

We live in Idaho. We both work at a consumer paper industry.

I make bathroom tissue. Fred makes household towels.

Jake and Mollie just work at keeping the squirrels and birds out of their yard. They are seven years old now. We came by Steve's music in 1998 while traveling in northern Idaho at Sandpoint. Walked into a shop and heard the most entrancing song,'Soldier's Lament' playing and found that they were selling the cd's and bought one. We had to wait until we got home to listen to it as we did not have a cd player.

I have since bought or received all seven of Steve's cd's. I even went so far as toorder and purchase his first solo lp, 'The Riddle And The Rhyme'.That makes eight. If you want to hear a different side of Steve I would recommend this highly. I am patiently waiting for his new cd to come out.

We are looking forward to having Steve come to the States to tour hopefully close by.

By the way, Fred has Scottish ancestry and I have Irish and Jake and Mollie have Scottish and American lineage. Those squirrels are just plain nuts for coming into the dogs domain.

Keep up the good work Steve. I never get tired of listening to your music.

This is Jake

This is Mollie