Marilee and Dave Rake

I have used Steve 's music over the years at all of our festivals and ceremonies and we play the music in the background at our booth when we attend fairs and expos. The most memorable I can share with you is the moving response I witnessed after sharing Steve 's music with my new husband, Dave . He has had such a profound experience through Steve 's music it is impossible to put into words. I will encourage him to share his experience in his own words here.

It was music which brought us together. I answered an online friend finder advertisement for a companion to accompany him to a Loreena McKennitt concert. We since married, went to a second concert of hers (taking all of the grandkids), and was invited back stage to meet her in person due to our story.

Our music means a lot to us on many levels. And Steve 's music is at the very top. I would love to put a player and a link back with Steve 's music on my PaganSpace and DragonSpace pages as well as our rapidly growing website, Our newsletter would be another avenue I would be willing to post to. I mail to a list of over 1,500 people on a regular basis. And the list is growing exponentially.

Please pass the word that I am available to share my writing, research, web development, and administrative support skills and experience to help where I can with the fan club and web site.

Many Blessings

Marilee Rake (aka Snowfire)

Esoteric Consultant / Shaman

Creator of Shadow / Light Harmonics

Ancestral Coalescence


Mills, WY 82644-0001