My name is Matt Tanner. I am married to a beautiful woman who also loves Steve McDonald’s music.  I have 1 son at this time named Tyrell who is six years old.

He and my wife are the love of my life and always will be.  I am a major Star Wars

fanatic as well.

I got hooked on Steve’s music along time ago when we went to his concert here

in Salt Lake City.  I have been interested in it ever since.  I am fascinated by then

history in Scotland and have just learned recently that I too have ancestors from

Scotland and not I am really interested in finding my roots from back there.

I work for South Jordan City  (in Utah) Emergency services right now as Lead

Technician  fixing laptops and modems for Police, Fire and Emergency Operations

Centers that we have.

I am also a Graphic Designer, Videographer, Video Editor, Newsletter publisher

and own my own business on the side doing family videos for people.  I am a dad

a husband.  I am not a plumber, carpenter, singer, actor, mechanic

and not musically inclined.  Oh and i don’t do lawns.  I hate the

snow here in Salt Lake.  I am just waiting for the day for Steve to

have me do his graphics full time so I can go live in new Zealand.

We have a family cabin that we go up to and stay at throughout

most  of the summer in Oakley, Utah.  It is really beautiful up there

and very peaceful. We enjoy feeding the deer and moose up

there. I think my favorite song from Steve is Hadrian's Wall.  It has

such a  good beat to it and just find it very entertaining to listen to.

I own:

Both Stone of Destinies

Highland Farewell

Sons of Somerled


Hollie Smith (Light from a Distant Shore)

Christmas CD