promised to write, if I had time. But I hope to find the right words and enough. First I introduce myself. My name is Peter Hennig and I`m 60 years old. I live with my wife in a little town " Eilenburg". It is a town between the town "Leipzig" and the town "Torgau" in Saxony. Leipzig is well known for the battle against Napoleon. Torgau is also well known for the meeting by the river site Elbe by the Soviet and the American Army in 1945. Here in Eilenburg live also my son and my daughter with her husband and two lovely children. My daughter's profession is archaeologist and my son works as a carpenter. My profession is mechanical engineer. After the unity of the two Germanys i worked as an sales manager for roofing tiles in Saxony. Now i`m a pensioner.

How I came to the music by Steve McDonald.

I think it was 8 or 9 years ago. I searched for new music to set to music my home videos. I found Gregorian and Mystic songs. There were also two songs by Steve, Soldiers Lament and Sons of Somerled on this CD. Can't get enough, what a fantastic music and a great voice. A long time I looked for these music in many music shops in Germany. Bu there was no music by Steve McDonald.

Then i surfed in the Internet and bought in a cybershop " Sons of Somerled " and " Highland Farewell".    It was a great experience to hear all these songs, fantastic Celtic music about Scotland and his ballads. Everyday I heard it in my car, while I passed through Germany.

In the meantime I have the CD -Sons of Someled-Highland Farewell-Stone of Destiny- Legend- Light from a Distant Shore- and -Spinfield- I became a big fan of the music by Steve McDonald.

All my friends brought this music.

When i was going to the dental treatment or to the eye

specialist I always give him a CD by Steve.

Even by my eye operation last year I gave the operator

one of the music CD and i heard it, while he worked.

Now I can see excellently. And I present the operator

the music CD. In the last month September, my wife gave me as a

present a bus trip through The Highlands. On my

Birthday  we arrived the border to Scotland.

And here by the boundary stone we met a bagpiper

and he played only for me the song " Scotland the Brave".

I was so happy and deeply moved. I gave our coach driver

the CD "Highland fare well" and "Sons of Somerled",

to play it in the coach. And so we and the other guests

continued our trip though the Highlands. Amazing music

and amazing Highlands. It was a wonderful trip. I never

forget it. Now here is my story ending.I wish, that the

creative work by Steve never ending. And I wait for

new songs. Maybe he have a trip to Europa.

That is all for today. So many words, I hope that

is all right.

Best Wishes to You and to all Steve`s fans                                                                                               

                                                                                              , me and my granddaughter Emilie.