Russell Storey

I have been meaning to send some info for the

member spotlight section for ages so I have added

3 pictures of myself and my studio more information

is available on my website

 I have known Steve for many years, even before his

Celtic music album's and I have all the albums as well

as the "Riddle and the Rhyme" LP and the "No More

Tomorrows" cassette and we used to meet up when

he lived in Auckland. i am  big fan of synthesizer music

and discovered the "Spinfield" album which is still held

in high regard in electronic music news groups and

forums. We were also very honored when Steve

provided a special song for the wedding of my wife

and I. And he was a great deal of help when i was

just starting out on my own musical endeavors by

providing advice and sounds. Very much looking

forward to the new album.


Russell Storey