Well My name is Dee but I go by Wikit Whitewolf online.  I love Steve's music.  I first heard his music about 12 years ago and I have not stopped listening.  I have Sons of Somerled, Stone of Destiny, Highland Farewell and Legend.  Love them all.  I live in Medina New York.  I have my Mom hooked on Steve's music and a few of my friends. 

I used to be a nurse but now I am no longer working due to a disability.  I have one son, Christopher, who is 14.  I Volunteer a lot of my time at the American Legion in the next town where I am a member.  My Dad is the General Manager there and I get to do what I pretty much want.  I play Steve's CDs there for dinner music and I have had some nice things said about the music.  I am an Pagan. I have a whole menagerie of animals at my house.  6 cats, 1 dog, 2 birds, 2 rats, and a Savannah Monitor.   If you need to know anymore about me please feel free to ask. 



Wikit Whitewolf