The Enchanted Harp

Rise up the child in us all, buried amidst an ocean of time and a sea of dreams. Rise up, so that the old man may remember his                          way home.

           Message From Pegasus

Messenger from the ancient gods relaying the word as it was. From the postman to the satellite, the spirit of Pegasus carries on, informing all who wish to hear.

                   released in 1989


The Island Universe

It’s been said that every single thing in existence is a universe unto itself, made up of countless atoms which are individually the worlds of others and collectively an atom in the body we call the Universe.

Pharaoh’s Return

From a time when one person had absolute rule over thousands, so he pharaoh reigns from his high pedestal shaped from the dreams and fears of the earthly mind. His foundations still rest on the yearnings and prayers of mankind, stolen from the god we created. 

The Eastlander

On The windy highlands stands a lone clansman. On a hot dusty hill 3,000 miles away sits a robed priest. The Highlander smiles and turns his head...the priest opens his eyes and turns his head...and te world is a better place as they accept each others’ existence.

Arcturian Sunbird

Some thirty-six light years from earth lives the orange star Arcturus. I have been there only in my dreams, yet sense the wisdom of its age, the tranquility of its experience.

The Final Journey

So where does the weathered soul journey to if not into the hearts of those who knew him? There is no choice, no other place  that the warrior soul may journey to.


Not unlike the Vikings of the tenth century, the spacecrafts Voyager I and II have set out, engaged in the ultimate quest, the search for life...and maybe even God Himself.